There are hundreds of non for profit organizations operating in Australia that aim to help rescue and rehabilitate the native wildlife of Australia through volunteers and donations, one of these includes WIRES (WIRES, n.d.). With any organization like a wildlife group there comes many logistical issues that need to be looked into and assessed. These logistical issues can have a major effect on the public relations sector of the organization if not dealt with correctly.


Logistical Issues:

The most important logistical issues faced for wildlife organisations like WIRES for example are as follows;

  • Being able to get volunteers the correct resources needed to help nurture the animals
    • Bandages, Pouches, Food, Cages
  • Volunteers being able to get out to rural areas to collect the injured animals
    • Prepared to drive that far
  • How will volunteers transport them
    • Having suitable/multiple cars to carry certain animals such as emu’s, kangaroos, wallabies etc.
  • Seeking vet assistance
    • Able to get to the destination of a vet during working hours
  • Providing the correct training for carers
    • Limited trained carers to look after qualified animals
  • Legislations
    • Having a license that limits a certain amount of species for one carer to be able to look after


These logistical issues however can be used as an advantage for WIRES’ public relations to make the company look good in the public’s eye (Wilcox, 2013). Even though they do not always have all of the resources that they need and they do not always have enough carers who are trained for specific animals they still pull together and save and rehabilitate thousands of native wildlife a year. These minor logistical issues however help to enforce the public to donate to WIRES which helps the organization to be able to provide the training and required equipment for the volunteers.


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Wilcox, D, Cameron, G, Reber, B, & Shin, J 2013, Think Public Relations, 2nd Edn, Pearson Education Inc, New Jersey.

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