COMM11110 – Torches of Freedom

The concept of what public relations does is quite often confused with the concept of what advertising is. Public relations is the deliberate building and sustainment of a relationship between an employed worker of the particular organisation and those of the targeted public or other organisations. Advertising however is a paid service or the use of a paid space to get a message out to a mass audience of targeted people (Kerslake, 2016).

Lucky-Strike.jpg (Chakraborty, 2014)

It can be proven that the Torches of Freedom was a public relations campaign in comparison to an advertisement as Edward Bernays was employed by an American Tobacco Company to persuade women into believing that smoking was ‘cool’ (Christensen, 2012). Around the time era of 1929 women who smoked were frowned upon as it was only something that man were to do (Christensen, 2012). Edward Bernays used his voice and relationships with the public to help the American Tobacco Company to change the public’s belief on the idea that women shouldn’t smoke. Putting this in comparison to purchasing a paid space to advertise their perspective shows that the use of a public relations campaign was used.

Nowadays for larger corporations such as tobacco companies they tend to use advertising more so than just public relations campaigns. If a tobacco company was to try to convince a large target audience today they would focus heavily on a key message and use advertising heavily through the use of technology such as television advertisements and Facebook advertisements.



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